Thursday, January 21, 2010

A New Semester, and New Lessons

ABOVE: Christmas at the Sullivan house. Yes, you're way jealous, a red one'sie. Only the cool kids have those!

HAPPY 2010! With the new year of course comes a new semester, and with a semester comes experiences. Obviously we are going to learn new lessons. Here are a few that I've learned in the first two weeks of school:

10) Choosing to start working out again, good life decision. Choosing to run outside in the winter, bad life decision. Although precipitation may appear melted and gone during the day, mornings = frozen conditions which = ouch!

9) Taking a dance class in college. Never before has Becky gotten her groove on outside a school, FFA, 4-H, or other group dance. Becky + experienced dancers in college = class clown. Your welcome.

8) Deciding that taking women studies would be a fun and easy class. Lesson: yes it is fun, no in the easy department. Ten reading reports on different women studies articles due in one day--HELLO library!

7) A clean atmosphere = a better attitude...SO TRUE! The bedroom got a complete makeover this Christmas break, and doing school and other work in the bedroom is now much more productive.

6) Dogs aren't always cute. When you are sleeping, ever so peacefully, and little Toby the lab/pointer, sticks his face in your face, it means only one thing. An EXTREME heart pumping alarm clock that causes you to jump out of bed wondering "Who let the dogs out!?" (Who, who, who? Sorry, couldn't help myself).

5) Some strangers aren't strangers at all. Have you ever walked the same path everyday, seeing the exact same person over and over again. Eventually when you see them you start to wonder if you actually know them from somewhere, or if you just see them around all the time. Lesson: introduce yourself awkwardly anyway and make a new friend. :-)

4) Avoid being late to class by always checking the bathroom to make sure their is toilet paper in it...don't ask.

3) When a teacher says no texting, the average student hears "OMG! I'll have 2 limit my txt 2 40 a class. LOL." Lesson: buy a wrist watch and put the phone away!

2) Buying a leotard, tights and dance shoes for jazz class, $80. Buying books for classes, $250. Buying a diet pepsi at the vending machines in the library, $1.25. Watching the person in the library sleeping with their mouth wide open and a string of drawl from their chin to their chest...priceless. Enjoy the little things each day. :-)

1) Wearing the newly bought leotard and tights under your clothes to maximize your time getting ready between classes, smart. Trying to use the restroom with your dance gear on underneath your regular clothes, a new experience.

Hope this cheers up your day! Keep looking for those humorous moments in 2010 and enjoy your new experiences!