Saturday, February 20, 2010

What's Going On Till Easter

They say telling others what your goals are is the best way to be held accountable. I couldn’t agree more.

Today, I’m putting out on the big worldwide web a few self-improvement goals for myself for the next 38 days until Easter. Every year my family practices the tradition of lent. The 40 days before Easter we each choose a “change” to make in order to improve our personal lives to become more Christ like. The greatest sacrifice made in this world was Jesus dying for our sins on the cross. For 40 days what can you change to become closer to Christ? What sacrifices will you make in his name?

Starting this past Wednesday I have developed my own “Becky Lent Plan.” Along my journey I’ll be giving updates as to how following my newly self-improvement goals is going. Below are the “changes” I have chosen to make in order to become more of the person I want to be:

Life Focus Area 1: Health

What I’ll be giving up:

à Pop (sorry diet coke, my addiction will be challenged here)

à All sweets and junk food

What I’ll be adding:

à Running at least 3 times a week—10K April 18th

à Continue dance classes and challenging body physically, as well as focusing on healthy living

Life Focus Area 2: Materialistic

What I will give up in his name:

à No buying of clothes, jewelry, movies, or other non-essential items

What I’ll be doing in his name:

à Only buying disposable items that are essentials: hygiene items, food, class materials, etc.

à Will allow to eat out if with people (focusing on relationships is important to me, and in college eating out or grabbing coffee is a common relationship building time)

Life Focus Area 3: Prayer Time

What I will be adding:

à Get back into habit of journaling every day

àContinue book study with church group in Manhattan

à Morning prayer, make it a habit every time I walk through our doorway in the morning to thank God for another promising day

Jesus gave up his life for us. What will you change in 40 days that will improve you as a person in his name?

Challenge yourself ;-)