Saturday, February 28, 2009

Five Life-Long Lessons...from Dodgeball!!


Lesson #1: Be CONFIDENT! It really doesn't matter how you look, as long as you are confident with yourself others will buy it.

Lesson #2: Focus on the moment! Always be into the game at that very moment in time--if you don't, your likely to get a hit to the head (and no one likes that:-).

Lesson #3: Trust your team. It takes all of you to win the tournament, whether your on the sidelines cheering or on the court dipping, dodging, ducking, and diving!

Lesson #4: Go for the ball! When that whistle blows, that means "it is now or never!" Go for what you really want and don't look back!

Lesson #5: Don't take yourself too seriously! It is just a game, the competition should be fun...key word: F-U-N! Life is to short to get worked up over the little things.

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