Thursday, June 18, 2009

You as a Trend Setter

Trends; they are everywhere. There is the classy “ugg book chick” seen on campuses all across the states. Then there are the Vera Bradley bags and purses sweeping ladies of all ages. Oh, and we can never forget, the new boat shoes that have done a big come back for guys and gals alike.


Trends will always be a part of this world. One person can take something like a boat shoe that was popular in the 70’s, decide to sport the old school look one day, and then BAM! Everyone is obsessed with the Sperry boat shoes! I remember I was in high school and all of us girls just HAD to have the toe socks…I never really thought they were comfortable, but I did it anyway.


Who are these trend setters? How do they create a movement that can be seen at a local, state, country, or worldwide scope?


I will tell you a little secret…anyone can be a trend setter if you try. Ok now, it is important to realize there are different levels of trend setters—you have the celebrity trend setters who can wear the ugliest big shirt with tights and knee high boots and make it popular. Then you have the more common trend setters, the local setters. 

These individuals are the ones in their communities setting trends such as attending the Monday night volleyball tournaments at the church gym, or motivating their peers to hang out at the local coffee shop and start a study group. Trends don’t have to be clothes or materialistic, but they can be so much more.


The reason trends have been on my mind lately has been the influence of my summer internship. It is amazing how the atmosphere of a corporate environment is so much like high school and college in the sense of trend setters. My boss is one of the most intelligent looking ladies I know. She has this pair of black rimmed glasses that make her look like she has the IQ of 180. I will admit, I was at the mall the other day and found at Claire’s “sassy glasses.” They are glasses that look like real glasses, yet really are just plain glass—no prescription. Seeing how I have impeccable vision, I have never gotten to wear glasses and have that persona of being extremely intelligent. Yes, I bought a pair and enjoyed sporting them at Barnes and Noble later that week.


Trends…they are all over. Sometimes we become victim of materialistic trends. For example, I bought glasses so I could “look” smart, despite the fact that my vision is perfectly fine. However, we can also become involved in good trends that improve our mind, body, or spirit.


Last night my uncle here in Wichita invited me to attend a volleyball tournament group at a local church that plays every Monday night. NOTE: I have not played volleyball on a competitive team since freshman year in high school. Seeing this as an opportunity to get some physical exercise and meet some new people, I said yes. This was last night…this morning I have bruised up arms and knees. Apparently the Wichita State University volleyball players attend these Monday nights sometimes to practice. Great, wish I would have taken my knee pads!


So let’s go back to those two questions posed earlier. We already answered the first one—who are these trend setters? The answer we determined is anyone. It could be a celebrity, your boss, or a family member. We all have the capability to set trends. That brings us to our second point: how do trend setters create these movements?

1)    Make it look cool/fun

2)    Be confident

That is it; two simple tactics that are both crucial to use when creating a trend.


First, is making it look cool/fun. Cool and fun are both interchangeable—it depends on which one motivates your audience more. Some audiences have the primary goal of fitting in with the “in crowd.” Clearly, these individuals will be motivated to follow a trend through the coolness factor of the trend. Then you have the individuals who are more interested in how much fun they can have. Those individuals would follow any trend if they would be guaranteed to have a good time doing it! To be a trend setter, you must analyze your targeted group and focus on whichever one of these words motivates them the most.


Second, we have being confident.  This is pretty self-explanatory. You have to make whatever trend you are trying to set believable. If you are having fun, show it! If your trend is an activity that helps improve you in some way, articulate that in a confident manner. People will believe someone who knows and can sternly support what they are talking about. Be confident, and people will believe you.


Trends are everywhere. Sometimes people can set trends without ever intending to.


What trends will you set in your lifetime?


Will you be able to proudly state trends you started that helped make someone a better person? Can you say you have created trends that nurture service, health, and relationships? If you can’t say you have thus far, no worries, you have time. J

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  1. "The Tipping Point" by Malcolm Gladwell... check it out! Hope all is well with Cargill; have fun dancing this week :)