Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What's been happening in 2010!

Here is a quick top 5 point update of what Becky's been up to:

5) Brittany Spears, Lady Gaga, and Justin Timberlake better watch out. The roomies and me have been taking hip-hop classes and I have got to say, (insert brushing of shoulder off),
we have got some hot moves!

4) Lesson learned Sunday: When the Hyvee floral lady asks
"Would you like a box to put your vase in so the flowers don't spill in your car?"
Note: there is no fine print, but if there were it would say -
"Caution. Box not guaranteed to hold floral arrangement up.
May end up leaving the back seat of your car wet with purple tinted water."
Yes, you have probably guessed it. Oh my poor Camry, at least it is festive.

3) Blue Key Senior Honorary Retreat: not only a great place to build relationships, but also a wonderful place to share new, innovative ideas. For example, burning of hand sanitizer. Can be used as warmth. Warning: although there may appear to be no flame while lights are on, it is important to realize the flame is still there, just so hot that it is blue and hard to see. Keep hands far away.

2) K-State Proud Campaign: who knew that our campus wide student philanthropy could be related to a bouquet of flowers? Yes, it really does make sense if you hear the whole story (if your interested ask me sometime and I'll share). Congrats to all those who have chosen to step up and serve this great cause. Thanks for having such big hearts full of the desire to give. Together we will make a positive impact.

1) School coming to an end: as school comes to an end, my excitement for Washington Leadership Conference this summer gets bigger, and BIGGER!
Students, get ready for an experience unlike anything else you have ever experienced.
I'll see you in D.C. :-)

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  1. You're doing WLC... that's FANTASTIC!! I loved it SOOO much, you'll have a amazing time!!