Friday, January 9, 2009

Life Coaches

Have you ever seen advertised on the television “Life coaches!" Live the life you want with the small price of $300 a session. Sessions 50 minutes each.”

OK, so perhaps you haven’t seen these exact commercials, but watch for them. If you go to google and type in life coaches you will see people whose sole business is based on telling people what they need to change about the way they are living. CEO’s of major companies, celebrities, and individuals you may think are completely happy pay a stranger to help them re-balance their life to aid in their inner peace.

Whether you believe in these “life coaches” advertised or not, one thing is true, we all need a little help from time to time.

One of my dear friends, Sharita, is one of the busiest life coaches I know! No, she does not get paid, advertise, and she is not yet graduated from college. Rather, people are drawn to her because she has figured out something special. She has learned over the years what it means to be truly happy—to be beautiful on the inside and out.

Sharita must have a least a dozen people who call on her for life-advice, “coffee dates” to talk issues out, and pep talks when needed. She is encouraging, optimistic, and a true believer in the fact that you create the life you live.

So if you truly create the life you live, how do you create change? What factors in your life contribute to your happiness? While Sharita was coaching one of her friends on relationships, she made a valid point. To be happy and content means to (1) figure out who you really are, and (2) present yourself on the outside they way you want to be perceived. Basically, being beautiful from the inside to the out (cliché, maybe, but a much needed reminder for many of us).

Those people who are often always surrounded by crowds of friends are the ones who have mastered this balance of knowing who they are, and presenting that person fully to the outer world. They know their talents, likes, dislikes, and passions. These are the people who are confident with themselves, no matter whether the fit the stereotypical mold of society or not.

Being a college student, and even when I was in high school, you learn that many people base their happiness on being in a relationship. They feel that if they are single, there is apparently something wrong with them. This is by NO MEANS the case at all! Being single is not a negative thing, it just means you know what you are looking for (isn't that what is most important?). For those people who are in truly happy and healthy relationships, it is because they have discovered who they are, and have found that special person who complements them. The first step, is knowing you. Once you can accomplish this, portray it to the world and those dreams you are reaching for will suddenly seem much easier to achieve.

When it comes to your current situation, remember that it is OK to need a “life coach” at times. Maybe you are seeking advice on your self-esteem, or relationship life. Find someone you consider a success in the area which you lack in, and don’t be afraid to ask for their advice. Life is all about growing as a person…we all must do this in order to reach the happiness which we desire.

One little piece of advice I would offer: your life coach can be someone you see everyday. You don’t have to pay someone hundreds of dollars to diagnosis your inner problems, the help you need is often right in your neighborhood.

Remember, we all need life coaches at times. Don’t be afraid to start down a path of growth in which you have been seeking for a long time.


  1. The question am I lucky enough to know THIS life coach. Thanks for all your advice Becky. You are a good egg!

  2. Oh Becky... not only are you an incredible friend and blogger, but you have the ability to move people with your heart and thoughts.

    You have moved me with this entry. Thank you. Ms. Sullivan, are truly beautiful-- inside and out.

  3. I loved the complementing line... absolutely true. There are many people out there who rely on somebody to "complete them"... you MUST be an individual without the other person there! Being single is wonderful; being in a relationship with someone that compliments you is a feeling that is tough to beat. YOU ROCK!