Sunday, January 4, 2009

No Better Time Than NOW!

Two days ago I attended the funeral of a good friend’s father who passed away from lung cancer. I had never met her father, yet there is a lot you can learn about a person from those final farewells of friends and family.

At the beginning of the funeral was a slide show of her dad from a toddler to the caring father he grew to be. Family talked about what a hard worker he was, how he loved to joke around, but most of all, he was the type of person who would do anything for those he loves most. Before he passed, he told a dear friend to share an important message that sounded like this:

“As you look at those pictures, what do you see? You see family. It is all about family. Find what is really, and I mean really important in life, and spend your time there.”

Sitting there, I couldn’t help but evaluate my own life. Am I spending my time in the places I truly believe are most important? Am I fulfilling the unique purpose only I can fill? Do I appreciate the blessings in my life? Do I give back?

The funeral concluded with the Reverend giving a sermon and reading a few verses out of the bible. Family wept and friends comforted. The service ended, and as people began to reminisce, memories of the beloved dad infused the church offering a gleam of happiness in an area of sadness.

Myself and other college and high school friends waiting to give our dear friend a hug and comfort her in anyway we could. Although I never met her father, it was obvious that he loved her and her siblings more than the world. He filled their home with love, and if you ask me, there is no greater purpose to fulfill than that.

When you leave a funeral, it is only natural to fall into a reflective mode on your own life. This past year as a national officer, as weird as it may sound, I often ask myself the question “If I were to die today, would I be happy with the life I lived?” As negative as this question may seem to ask yourself, it served me as comfort. Throughout life we make sacrifices and avoid temptations all for what we think is right. When I reflect on my own life, I couldn’t be happier with those things I have given up to allow me to serve a greater purpose with integrity.

Then question we should continually ask ourselves is “How do I want to live my life?”
The answer is…just kidding! Only you can decide what that answer is for you. Here are a few quotes that may help you stimulate your thoughts:

“Take the first step toward learning to enjoy your everyday life by making the most of life. Embrace your life, because God is never going to give you someone else’s.”

“Don’t complain; don’t compare; don’t covet someone else’s life, and don’t spend your valuable time wishing things were different.”

And finally…

“True life is really not found in arriving at a destination; it is found in the journey.”

There is no better time than now. If there is a change you want to make, choose to start today—don’t put off living the life you truly want.

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