Thursday, June 23, 2011

Life changes, your purpose doesn't have to

Fear less, Hope more. Wine less, Breathe more. Talk less, Say more.
Hate less, Love more.

Life is continually surrounded by one unavoidable element: change.
The fact that we cannot stop time is the underlying reason why change is constant. With every second that goes by your thoughts are changing, your location, your opinions, your future plans, your friends, the economy and much more. People react to different changes in a variety of ways. they may be thrilled and excited for something new, or perhaps they feel uncomfortable and depressed that life is not how it once was.

When we find ourselves caught in the whirlwind of change and feel our stance getting off balance, there is one thing we can cling to: our purpose.

Purpose is what makes your life worth living. It is what drives our decisions, direction and attitude. If we seek purpose in our actions here on earth, then change becomes our alley, our "side-kick" that helps us do good.

This past year I have clearly not been committed to being consistent with blog entries. A large reason of this being the fact that changes in my life caused me to focus my time elsewhere. Kansas State Proud Campaign for students helping students, Blue Key senior honorary at KSU, mentoring amazing students younger than me, and always being involved with FFA in many different roles has kept me busy and pursuing a purpose greater than myself.

Change has been knocking at my front door these past few months harder than normal. Graduating from college in May, working three jobs at once for a time period and traveling for conferences has kept my motor going on full for quite some time. Today, I have finally received the gift of a free day dedicated to some self-reflection. As I sit here (Panara Bread in Indiana to be exact), I can't help but think of what is to come. In less than two weeks I will return to KS and be moving to a new town, starting my first full-time job as a graduate, and begin making some big choices. What will I be involved with on the side of work? What church community will I decide to join? Who will my friends locally be? How will I keep in touch with my deepest friends who are all spread apart now?

Despite the thousands of questions bouncing around in my mind, I can sit here and confidently find comfort in one thing: I know my purpose. I've been so blessed these past years to get involved with student development in a way many people never get to experience.

Because of this, I know that influencing youth in a positive way that promotes their self-awareness and vision of their future is one thing I will always strive to do. Also, agriculture...the promise to feeding, clothing and fueling our world: an area I will continually be an advocate for. These two areas are the framework for my it is a matter of filling in the frame with my talents, skills and knowledge to really have an impact.

This week I was fortunate to spend my final Blast-Off FFA conference with the Indiana FFA members. During this conference we create a mission statement. The day after we had crafted these statements, a few of the officers re-emphasized the usefulness of having time to capture on paper their core focus as they go on with their journey this year. Their comments have resignation in my thoughts for the past day and have helped me be more at ease with my future. Although they do not realize it, they have given me that push needed to have faith that all will be just as it is supposed to be.

The proverb at the top of this blog really tugged on my heart this morning. It really makes you think about how you spend your time. Time will always keep moving toward the future, so what we do in the moment is so crucial. Fear less, hope more. Wine less, breathe more. Speak less, say more. And finally, my favorite, hate less, love more.

As we go on throughout life, do not let fear get you uneasy, but rather charge right towards it. Have no fear of what is to come, but have hope. Do not wine about the situations we are dealt, but rather find that situation as an opportunity to have hope. Spend less time talking and more time saying what really matters. Most importantly, avoid letting hate fill your heart, but rather let loving others take you over.

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