Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Challenge

Today I heard a very convicting message. The message of healing. For those other attendees at Park Chapel Christian Church this morning, you too may be reflecting on the type of personal healing you are needing support with, or supporting a loved one in their path to find peace.

Question: What area of your life (physically or mentally) do you pray to God to help you with? OR - what area of life should you be praying to God for healing and His grace for you? 

Check out James 5: 13-20

Pastor Dani said it well today - we are all broken. Why? Because we live in a fallen world (ok, well that is a Debbie Downer for a Sunday). However the story doesn't end there...because of Jesus deciding to take his life for our sins, he healed us from our sins so we may find eternity by His side (sounding better now right). Final key point of the day - since God is controller of EVERYTHING, he can heal ANYONE...but sometimes God chooses not to heal in order for more lives to be changed than one. Healing is a choice on God's part but also on our own - we must take those steps to embrace God's gifts (like technology that could change lives), in order to find our physical/mental peace.

Today's message stuck with me for multiple reasons. I think of friends and family who have encountered horrible experiences in their childhood or adulthood. I think of my personal mental struggles holding me back from accomplishing more good works for God and my neighbors.

That is why I have decied to go on a faith-focused journey to discover wellbeing in all forms. Mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally. To take this journey with me is my one and only BIG sis Michelle.

We are going to face a challenge with a challenge: For 30 days we will set a weekly goal around one of these areas of wellbeing and blog at a minimum of weekly on what changes are happening to our hearts, minds and bodies.

My goals for Week One: 

Mental: To create a "life priority list" and honestly evaluate whether my time is being spent where I deem it most valuable...and if not how can I change this?

Physical: Journal my daily calories and workouts.

Below: My older sister Michelle on the right, and me to the left - over 4th of July weekend.

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